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About the Candian Society for Life Sciences Research

The Canadian Society for Life Science Research (CSLSR) is a recent, nationwide non-profit initiative developed by Canadian student researchers from Queen’s University. The society was incorporated in July 2005.

The expansion of research-intensive programs at universities across Canada have allowed more students the opportunity to pursue scientific research earlier within their academic careers; however, no student-led organization currently exists to meet the needs of young researchers and those interested in pursuing health research in Canada. Thus, the CSLSR is dedicated to providing a cohesive infrastructure through which new researchers with a diverse array of educational backgrounds may interact and communicate to further their breadth and depth of knowledge in the fields of life science.

Over the past three years, our membership has expanded tremendously and we currently have established student representatives on the Board of Directors of the CSLSR at universities across Canada (list of university reps), although our membership is not limited to students attending these institutions.

The CSLSR also has a growing number of scientist and clinician members from a diversity of backgrounds including government, academic, public health and industry-related appointments. These individuals act as a resource for members at the beginning stages of their careers, and in return, they have the opportunity to connect with and recruit students and young scientists from across Canada.

In addition to working with our own members, the CSLSR has entered into several collaborations with other groups involved in the promotion of health sciences in Canada. These include the National Health Sciences Students Association (NaHSSA), the Queen’s National Undergraduate Conference in Medicine (QNUCM), Queen’s Medical Outreach (QMO), Students Interested in the Medical Sciences (SIMS) at the University of Calgary, the Queen’s Health Sciences Journal (QHSJ) and the McGill Journal of Medicine (MJM).

The most important goal of the CSLSR is to assist in the development of the scientific leaders of tomorrow by providing our members with opportunities to present their work at conferences across the country, to network with the best scientific leaders and by encouraging members to pursue a scientific education. By assisting in the development of scientific leaders, the CSLSR is providing a society with hope for an improved health care system as well as better knowledge translation so that the importance of scientific discoveries may be understood by the general population.

The purposes of the Society are:

  • To promote communication among post-secondary student researchers in the life sciences throughout Canada.
  • To represent the interests of Canadian post-secondary students at national and international levels.
  • To promote research in all life science disciplines contributing to the translation into clinical treatments for humans.
  • To contribute to the advancement of education in the life sciences in Canada.
  • To provide for and assist in the dissemination to the general public of the results of current life science research and its significance in relation to health and disease.
  • To raise funds for the above purposes.




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